What I Love About Fall


There’s a lot of things I love about fall. First has to be that football is back. I know shocking that a woman would say that, but I do love me some football. My poor neighbors I’m sure can hear me as I shout at the TV when my two teams are playing. The Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. I don’t get to watch them play a lot on TV here in WV, but when I do, boy am I excited. Hubby and I do listen to the Colts every Sunday that we can’t watch them. Okay, so enough about football. Let’s get to other things, I love about fall.



Pumpkin Spice Latte! Yeah, that’s no surprise, right? They’re so good and taste of fall. I’m going to attempt to make up a recipe for this, so I’m not spending a lot of money buying them. I’m sure hubby would be happy about that.


Let’s not forget the leaves changing. Where we live in mountains it’s beautiful when they do. At times, it looks like the leaves are on fire from how bright red they get here. So pretty! The above picture is from last year.



The cool fall fair is something I love, as well. It’s time to wear hoodies again. I like live in mine during the fall weather. So comfy. Hayrides and pumpkin patches are so fun. Since I’m a romance author I think they’re romantic, and the perfect setting for a date. Or even for a first kiss in a book. Okay, so that pretty much sums up what I love about fall.

So, tell me what is your favorite thing about fall?