The Day My Parents Got Lost

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Has your child ever wandered off or gotten lost? When our oldest daughter was a toddler, she wandered off in a department store. Suddenly we were experiencing every parent’s worst fear. Then when we found her, her tone was accusing, “You left me.”


Muttering in my own disbelief, “I… didn’t… leave you.” Then having to spend many years trying to convince her that the way she ‘pictured’ things was not what she thought. I’m not sure who needed therapy more. Our daughter, for feeling abandoned, or us for her making us feel like we were horrible parents. She was too young to realize the whole situation. Now that she’s older, and a school teacher, she’s thrilled to find out I wrote a book inspired by those events. Her students are anxious to read it, especially knowing it was inspired by their teacher.


My newest picture book, The Day My Parents Got Lost, takes a look at getting lost through a child’s eyes. While in the story, his parents are having fun, that most likely wouldn’t be the case in real life. The story gives children the opportunity to see how parents feel. I wrote this as a humorous story because while getting lost is very real and scary, we don’t want to scare children. The book gives parents and teachers the opportunity to speak with children about what they should do if they get separated from parents or a group. If you haven’t developed a plan with your children, or even your grandchildren, discuss safety tips and who they should turn to if they have a problem.


As a tool to help you lead into this conversation with discussing the topic and how to respond, I am offering The Day My Parents Got Lost for free August 20-22. Please download a free copy during these dates and leave a review on Amazon so that other readers know how much you enjoyed the story.


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Feel free to contact me through my website and share if you have ever had a child wander off or get lost. You can also download free coloring pages for Wacky Wishes. We will be having free coloring pages coming soon for The Day My Parents Got Lost.


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Steampunk with Sophronia Belle Lyon

Sophronia Belle Lyon has a few obsessions — for tea, mechanicals, and for Steampunk. What’s Steampunk? Why, it’s your obsession, too — you just don’t know you have it yet. Sophronia travels widely, reads 1800s classics voraciously, shoots handguns when she can, and grew up sketching and exploring in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. She dressed up and acted out scenes with friends much like Louisa May Alcott’s beloved “Little Women,” and got to be a cauldron spirit in Macbeth in fourth grade. She traveled to Italy by way of Iceland and Luxembourg. She has taken apart her share of clocks and vented more than one steam valve. Hundreds of cat friends informed her about Bagheera’s attitudes and manners. Oliver Twist’s oblivious, eccentric habits came from the Science-absorbed men in her life, and her love for weapons translated into the well-armed members of the Alexander Legacy Company. She collects swords and knives but is so far too shy to be photographed. She enjoys tea, hot or iced, but cannot get the knack of the cream or sweetening obsession, being, after all, thoroughly American.


She has written 2 books in the Alexander Legacy Steampunk Literary Tribute series: A Dodge, A Twist, and a Tobacconist  and The ‘Prentices, the Puppets, and the Pirates. Eventually each of the eight members of the Legacy Company will host an adventure.


Characters from Alcott, Dickens, Stevenson, Kipling, Doyle and more combine “What-if?” steam and gear technology with families, friendship, faith, and fortitude as Oliver Twist and others join forces to fight human trafficking and prove that no one is beyond redemption. Why does a Bohemian prince accepts a kiss from a poison maiden? How can a celebrity singer probe a web of deceit, debauchery, and domination? Multicultural, multinational heroes bring along families and four-footed allies from around the world. No one’s too old to preach a challenge or too young to fix a flying machine. No one’s too innocent to be safe from kidnapping ,slavery, and violence.

Book One: A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist (also available in illustrated ebook format, featuring Victorian-era sculptures, jewelry and paintings)



The Alexander Legacy Company is on the track of a ruthless enslaver of souls. Prowl the foggy London streets. Encounter a nightmare from the Indian jungles.


Travel the Thames in Sluefoot Sue’s Giant Catfish. Soar on a stealth glider with a Bohemian prince. When Oliver Twist unwraps the Algerian mummy at Charley Bates’ funeral, will he discover his real enemy? Or is it all just another “dodge”?


“He’s going to ram Twist’s ship,” Kera breathed. “They’ll both crash into the house and Mrs. Rose just might have her bomb going off.”

I ran along the edge of the roof as if I were looking for a shot. But I already knew my pistol was empty, useless, and the guard was trying to get around another gable to get a clear shot while staying behind cover. I had come to a conclusion a moment earlier that I dared not say out loud lest I be grabbed and thrown down on the roof by both women, but I knew what I had to do.

Just as the spy craft hove around the corner of the house, only a few feet away from the airship, I launched myself off the roof. The smaller ship disappeared and my heart leaped in panic at the thought of being sliced into quarters by the tail rotor. But my fingertips caught hold of a solid object. I found the fuselage of the spy ship and wrapped my legs around it. The thing slewed and spun and began to fall tail-first toward the green lawn.

Book Two: The ‘Pprentices, the Puppets, and the Pirates


Can Oliver Twist trust Spring-heeled Jack when he offers to “bodyguard the little’un”? Do costume balls conceal more than the faces of the wealthy and powerful? Trevor Newsome disappears just days before the election but the Legacy Company can’t search for him from the London Lockup. When the trip to Switzerland finally becomes a reality, it’s for a funeral, not for a wedding.

Quests for immortality meld with the worship of powerful men, with terrifying and tragic consequences. When Long John Silver arrives, Oliver has to think fast to protect more than just his own life from the pirate who says he only cares about rescuing his daughter.

“Twist! Look out!” I spun and swung wildly as the crack of a Colt revolver split the air. Sluefoot Sue had both her firearms out and was shooting at something below me. To my astonishment tentacles rose out of the Thames and wrapped themselves around the Catfish. Each time one of Sue’s bullets struck them they disappeared under the water again, but when she paused to reload they re-emerged and began to reach for me, climbing the Catfish sub. I hastily winched myself over toward the dock but a tentacle grabbed hold of my leg just as I started to set myself down. It flung me down on the dock and started dragging me to the edge.

“Hey, boss lady!” Dobbs, Sue’s assistant, hollered out from inside the workshop. I was just able to see a pump-action shotgun cartwheel through the air and land in Sue’s gloved hands. Just before it began to blast me deaf, I realized that it was in fact no ordinary shotgun, rather had some sort of gattling action, and a bit more. I hoped I would get a better look at it rather than end up 20,000 leagues under in some sea monster’s maw.



Praise for A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist (The Alexander Legacy Book One) [Reviews have been edited for length]


“… Intrigued. … never read much Steampunk … could not stop reading this little jewel. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Belle has in store for her readers next.”

“Adored the old books …like a reunion of them all. Authors would be proud to see their characters treated with such tactful respect, in a novel that also deals with the same social evils … ”

“Fun story … strong Christian references I didn’t expect. I don’t usually read Christian fiction, so I was a bit surprised. The Steampunk/Victorian lit. connection is super fun!”

“Not my usual genre, but I really enjoyed … Unique characters and excellent writing kept me turning the pages. I think this may be a classic unto itself …”

From Goodreads

“Favorite characters, young and old, from all around the world, … together with their families … mysterious hotel … I am visually overwhelmed … exciting and there is always something happening on every page.”

“…Wondering what will happen in the next installment … Delightful addition to the body of Christian fiction, and will be a very… fun read for anyone who enjoys that genre.”

“…The inventions are fun, the characters memorable, the mystery engaging and the writing enjoyable. … Illustrated edition full of vintage images and neat little Victorian touches.”

“I even read it … walking to and from work. I kept smiling in disbelief when a new character … someone who I could never see in the company of the others … fall into place and join the company with perfect ease.”

“Cleverly written in Victorian era where characters’ lives cross paths … There the fun begins! … Had me chuckling throughout. The illustrations were great too … added extra flare.”

“Fun mix of characters. Heavy Christian references, … not mentioned in any of the reviews I read. Not sure if I liked that aspect or not, but is a big part of the story.”

Praise for The ‘Pprentices, the Puppets, and the Pirates [Reviews have been edited for length]

From Brad Francis, Author of The Magi Chronicles and The soon-to-be-released Savvy Demon’s Guide to Godly Living. Check out his blog, where this wonderful endorsement can be read in full:

“I love great stories. In The ‘Pprentices, the Puppets, and the Pirates, Sophronia Belle Lyon gives us a great story. I heartily recommend it. I realize I may be setting the bar of expectations unreasonably high, but if you … sit back and let it entertain and tell its tale, I can’t imagine you being disappointed.”

From LeAnna Shields, author of The Alestrion Chronicles: Slaves Redeemed and the upcoming steampunk book The Clockwork Golem. Her website is and her blog is

“Sophronia you’ve done it again. … Keeps you guessing with a wonderful message of hope woven throughout. Loved getting to know the awkward Oliver a little bit better. Keep it up.”

From Cynthia P. Willow, author of Hell’s Christmas and The Karini and Lamek Chronicles.

“I love that most … have a past that some religious folks would shun. … Orphans, misfits, thieves, and other criminals are accepted, forgiven, and shown mercy and grace … Sophronia’s writing … shows the world what kind of God He truly is.”

A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist

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Puppy Chow Recipe

It seems when summer hits, my kids are asking for me to make puppy chow. Now, this is a recipe that I learned back in middle school in home economics. The recipe I use now is one that I’ve tweaked to how my family likes it. It’s pretty simple to make and both of my daughters know how to do it as well. I mean really, what’s not to love? There’s chocolate and peanut butter in it, so right there you already know it’s going to be a good thing. Anyway, here’s how I make Puppy Chow for my family. What’s a family recipe that you make every summer for your children?


Puppy Chow Recipe


9 cups Chex mix

1/4 cup butter

1 cup chocolate chips

1/2 cup peanut butter maybe a little more.

Powder sugar

Now, you can melt the choclate chips, peanut butter and butter in the microwave, or on the stove. I usually do mine in the microwave as it is faster. I just dump everything in a bowl and then melt it in 30 sec intervals until it is silky smooth. You have to watch it closely or it will burn. Then you want to get a big bowl out, and dump the chex in into it, and add the mixture. Stir all this up the best you can. You’ll want another big bowl with a lid or a big paper bag. Spray the inside of the bag with cooking spray and put some of the cereal inside, and then dump about a cup or more of powder sugar in. This is the fun part and where kids can help, pass it around and have them shake it up really good. Once the cereal is coated it is finished. Repeat this last process until all the cereal is coated. Store in an air tight container. It tastes so good that it won’t last long.


Time away

I know I just started this blog, but I’m taking this week off. There was a death in my family. My precious nephew who was born at 27 1/2 weeks along, lived for 3 weeks and passed away early Monday morning. I’ll be back next week posting blogs.